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Having recently got home from a cruise to Alaska I am detoxifying and working to get my diet back on track.  I don’t mean a special diet to loose weight or anything like that – no, I mean the food I eat every day. Thankfully there might want the [...]
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When Dad and Mum go away I get lonely so to compensate this time they asked my brother to come and stay – they say he is looking after me but really it is the other way around. There are perks when I am taking care of him.  For starters I [...]
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Sometimes we just want our symptoms to go away. At other times we want to know what’s causing them so we can prevent them from coming back again. And that’s where the fun of holistic healthcare comes in. It gives us a chance to play detective.  Behind every symptom there’s always [...]
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One of the most feel good things about de-cluttering, for me, is knowing that many of the things I am getting rid of are going to good use.  This week I was able to donate many of the items I wanted to get rid of to good causes. Part of [...]
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